Ivanov supports the introduction of fees for GPS devices - Cell phones

Ivanov supports the introduction of fees for GPS devices - Cell phonesDeputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov says it is necessary to impose duties on imports of navigation equipment in the Russian Federation from January 1, 2011. He stressed that the duty should not be prohibitive, but at least should appear. "Such proposals we have already worked out, and I think that from 1 January next year it can be done," said Ivanov.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Walkman sold better iPod Cell phones

Walkman sold better iPod Cell phonesBusiness circles of Japan shocked the business sensation: player Walkman Sony sold better than the traditional market leader iPod . According to the August, of all playerof sold in the country, 47% Walkman, and only 44% of the iPod . Market analysts explain the phenomenon by the reluctance of consumers to buy "outdated iPod" in the coming days is expected presentation of a new line of iPod in the United States. In addition, pricing of Sony, "advanced in the direction of the consumer" could play a role. However, Sony are unlikely long to celebrate. iPod is the most popular player in the history of portable music for 6 years, sold over 100 million iPod.. Читать полностью -->

Top-Manager of IBM received a prison sentence - Cell phones

Top-Manager of IBM received a prison sentence - Cell phonesFormer top-Manager of the American computer giant IBM Robert Moffat sentenced to six months in prison and fined $50,000 for participating in insider trading. As reported on Tuesday by the British broadcasting Corporation BBC, Moffat, until recently considered as one of the main candidates for the post of head of IBM , he worked in the computer industry for 30 years and was arrested in October last year. Moffat was charged with the transfer of corporate information to the stock broker Daniel City, with whom he had a love relationship. City worked in the hedge Fund Galleon and will stand trial in January. In the case of insider trading takes another 20 people. The prosecution argued that due to the illegal actions of the brokers earned $50 million A Federal judge Deborah was Betts stated at sentencing that the defendant committed a "flagrant violation of its debt to the company. Читать полностью -->

When hiring Russians will be tested on the lie detector - Cell phones

When hiring Russians will be tested on the lie detector - Cell phonesState Duma deputies from the faction "United Russia" and the Communist party made in the lower house of the basic law "On the use of the polygraph, which legally allows the use of the polygraph in employment or the investigation of criminal cases. According to the American polygraph Association, more than 90% of cases, the survey allows to judge about the reliability of the reported information. This method is used in 60 countries. In Russia for the first time legally lie detector was used in the operational-investigative activity in 1993 (then the Ministry of justice has developed the first statement on this subject). And now our country is among the five countries of the world, leading by the volume of application of the polygraph law enforcement purposes. Since 1994, and private firms took the method adopted and actively practice it when selecting hired staff and conducting internal audits. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft invented the "smart" touch keyboard - Cell phones

Microsoft invented the Microsoft has invented a "smart" touch keyboard. The company's application for registration of a patent in the US Patent office with a description of the unusual keyboard was published on October 14, writes the website GoRumors.com. Development Microsoft will automatically switch the layout in different programs. Thus, when working in a text editor, users will have one layout, and when running games, such as race games, it will mutate. That is, instead of the letters on the keys will be displayed arrows or any other pictures. The corresponding patent application was filed in April 2009, but it has become aware of just now. Читать полностью -->

Billionaire Richard Branson unveiled the iPad-exclusive" - Cell phones

Billionaire Richard Branson unveiled the iPad-exclusiveBritish billionaire, the founder of the Corporation of the Virgin Group Richard Branson unveiled an online magazine called Project, designed to be read on the Internet Apple iPad tablet. The app itself is available for free download in the online store App Store, but for every issue of the magazine you want to pay. Branson during the presentation of the iPad-exclusive ' at Crosby Street Hotel in new York called the publication "the first truly electronic magazine for creative people creative people." For the cover of the first issue starred American actor Jeff bridges, star of the recently released film "Tron: Legacy", better known by execution of the main roles in the cult film the Coen brothers "the Big Lebowski". Read Project requires the latest version of the operating system iOS 4.2. The cost of the first issue dedicated to design, entertainment, travel, technology and business is $ 2 99 centers. Only edition of the work 20 journalists, writes CNet with reference to Branson. Читать полностью -->

Facebook unblocked account Khodorkovsky - Cell phones

Facebook unblocked account Khodorkovsky - Cell phonesThe account of the former owner of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Facebook unlocked. Support social networks in a letter to the employees of the press-centre of the prisoner admitted that a lock has occurred by mistake. Earlier, an official reason for the freeze was not reported. However, the community members dedicated to Khodorkovsky, expressed the opinion that the profile was shut down due to violation of terms of use Facebook, according to which the user can change their profile only personally. After that, the press center staff sent support a scanned copy of military ID Khodorkovsky (his passport to show it is impossible, because the former head of "Yukos" is in the conclusion). In Facebook said that such copy is not enough. Читать полностью -->

Today Google celebrates 12 years Cell phones

Today Google celebrates 12 years Cell phonesToday, 27 September, Google celebrates its 12th birthday. In honor of the holiday search engine has decorated their home page new holiday picture in the form of sketches, known online as Doodl. Today on the holiday logo painted the cake with the company name and the candle instead of the letter L. This picture created 89-year-old artist Wayne Thiebaud from the United States, was known for the image of cakes, objects of everyday life and other objects of mass culture. Google was founded on September 4, 1998, and the domain Google.com registered 15 September 1997. Google was the first most popular search engine in the world, processing more than 40 billion queries per month. Читать полностью -->

In Internet Explorer all versions found dangerous "hole" - Cell phones

In Internet Explorer all versions found dangerous Microsoft has confirmed information about the availability of Internet Explorer latest critical vulnerability. The problem affects all versions of the browser from sixth to eighth. Using the hole that attackers could theoretically gain unauthorized access to a remote computer and perform arbitrary malicious code. To capture control of the PC must be placed by a special web page on the Internet and lure her victim. It is known that the problem is with the HTML Explorer engine. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the patch for the vulnerability does not currently exist and have already created the code to use the "hole". Читать полностью -->

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